Fleet Sales

At Mitsubishi Corporate Sales, we work to one simple principle. No matter how good the vehicle, it’s only as good as the team behind it. This is why the Mitsubishi Corporate Sales Department has been handpicked for its experience, know-how and excellent service aptitude.

We deal with all the major fleet companies, and are a preferred brand with many leasing companies. Our fleet clients receives one on one personal attention, from the first meeting through to the delivery then ongoing maintenance. We are always available to assist in any way we can.

Whether it's family sedans and wagons, dependable commercial vehicles, pickups or 4WD's, we've got you covered. All supported by an experienced fleet team who are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service and support. So, no matter what your vehicle requirements, you can be confident in choosing Mitsubishi for your fleet.

Fleet Evaluation Program

To find out just what you need, a General Automotive Company Fleet specialist consultant will come to see you. Using our exclusive Mitsubishi Fleet Evaluation Program, a fleet analysis will be performed on the spot. From this information, we will present a detailed comparison with your current fleet.

This unique program works out a solution precisely tailored for you – matching your business’ needs with Mitsubishi’s innovative range of petrol and diesel, passenger and commercial vehicles.

Thanks to Mitsubishi Fleet Evaluation Program, you can look forward to real savings across the life of your fleet and well into your business’ future.

For all your Mitsubishi Fleet related enquiries, you may please call Togy George on 00968 99427083.