General Information

Mitsubishi Service

At General Automotive Company not only do we take great pride in bringing you world-class vehicles, our aim is to deliver the highest standard of after-sales services to support your Mitsubishi ownership experience.
No matter how many miles your car covers or how many terrains you navigate, we will strive to ensure that your Mitsubishi always run like new. It is this dedication to service excellence that forms the backbone of our commitment to our new and existing customers.

Service Network

Mitsubishi has one of the widest automotive service networks in Sultanate of Oman. With our expert Mitsubishi trained service technicians and leading after sales facilities, we have the perfect combination to maintain your car in the best possible condition to ensure unsurpassed reliability and performance.

Only Settle for the Best.

To ensure the maximum driving pleasure and performance from your Mitsubishi, we recommend that you follow the recommended service intervals as detailed in your cars service booklet.
By only allowing our trained staff to work on your car and using only genuine Mitsubishi parts you can be assured of the best possible performance from your car and the continued reliability and safety of your vehicle and its passengers.

Don’t Settle for Less - Mitsubishi Key Service Benefits.

You can be assured that your car will be serviced with best technical know-how because our technicians regularly undergo thorough product technical training and apply the very best service and repair techniques at all time when working on your car.

We carry out preventive maintenance based on factory recommendations and specified standards to ensure the best possible reliability for your car and safety for your passengers.

We use Mitsubishi approved service tools that are specially recommended by the factory and designed to carry out specific jobs to achieve the best quality repair.

Our service centres are equipped with Mitsubishi approved state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment that drastically reduces fault diagnosis time. Thus your vehicle is serviced efficiently and speedily, with minimum cost and inconvenience to you.

Servicing with us paves way for a smoother and hassle free warranty approval processing for any warranty work which may be required for your car during its inclusive warranty period.

Regularly servicing your vehicle with General Automotive Company will help increase your car’s resale value. Because our Service Advisors both sign and stamp your vehicle service booklet every time you service with us, showing this to any prospective buyer demonstrates just how you have cared for your car. We can also provide you a full detailed service report at any time on request to confirm your commitment to your car.