Our Services

Mitsubishi Service
To provide you the best possible customer experience when servicing your car, we have developed our facilities and a range of services.

Service Appointment
We appreciate that your time is valuable; therefore in order to cause you minimum inconvenience and increase our own efficiency, we offer a timed appointment system where you can pre-book your car into our workshop time during our standard opening hours. We provide a dedicated Service Appointment reception where you will be met by a dedicated Service Advisor who will receive your car directly into our workshops and provide you a time that your vehicle will be ready – thus reducing your waiting time and maximising your productivity.

Quick Service
We understand that regular maintenance services for your car can sometime be a bind. Therefore we offer a ‘Mitsubishi Quick Service’ facility where a dedicated team of Mitsubishi technicians will be available to undertake a lubrication service and return your car within an hour if you have a pre-arranged appointment.

Mitsubishi Q–System
If you want to bring your car for service and need a lift to the office or the shopping mall then why not use our Free Transportation Service. This runs on a daily basis over a pre-determined route and time both to and from our main workshop in Athaibah. So now you don’t need to be stuck or rely on friends to pick you up whilst we look after your car (route and time details available from the Main Athaibah Service Reception).

SMS Updates
In order to again reduce the time taken to complete all service and maintenance work your car may require, our Service Advisors will use SMS to communicate with you for any additional work authority or to advise you when your car is completed. This is meant to compliment the direct dialogue with your Service Advisor and increase our daily communication with you.

Explanation of Work
In order to ensure your full understanding of all work that we have undertaken on your car, your Service Advisor will take time to explain your invoice to you in detail and ask you to confirm this has been communicated. Should you have any questions or queries then please do not hesitate to request further clarification.