Overview - Mitsubishi Outlander

Premium Drive, Premium Moment

While the rest of the crowd clamors for the latest trend, authentic premium quality answers to no standard but its own. OUTLANDER makes its presence felt from the moment it arrives on the scene, pairing sporty excitement with an exclusively sleek look. The aggressive front face styling draws inspiration from jet design, while the muscular fenders and aerodynamic bodylines propel OUTLANDER forward even as it sits at rest. Beneath the hood, Mitsubishi's superior All Wheel Control system balances the fine-tuned and environmentally-conscious performance of the available 3.0-liter and 2.4-liter MIVEC engines. Step inside, take hold, and experience a drive that's all yours.

Discover New Things Together

OUTLANDER was born to explore. Its high seating position, stable handling and comfortable ride make it the perfect companion for new adventures; And All Wheel Control and generous ground clearance mean the discovering need not stop when the tarmac does. The front MacPherson strut and rear multi-link suspension plus weight-saving aluminum roof provide agile car-like handling and comfort, so you can drive with complete confidence while everyone enjoys the elevated view.

Premium Interiors

Sleek and exciting as the outside may be, the real heart of OUTLANDER is right here. Beginning from an ergonomic cockpit layout that feels custom-fitted for driving excitement, OUTLANDER's premium quality extends throughout the interior to create an environment that is at once serene yet breathtaking. Spacious and inviting, you and your passengers are in for a ride of pure pleasure.