Overview - Mitsubishi L200


Your World Mover

Life stands still until you make it move. With a larger carrying space than ever before, L200 brings more of your world to anywhere you want. The new L200 takes all the power and reliability of a traditional pickup, and adds the fun and comfort of a luxury sedan for an unrivaled sense of adventure. With sporty exterior styl.ing that shows off plenty of muscle even at a standstill, the L200 is ready to rewrite history, this time with you.

A New Generation

Step into the future. Breaking away from the confines of the past, the L200 cockpit lets you enjoy the thrill of the drive in total comfort. Sporty, black-faced meters sit nestled within the sinuous instrument panel, alongside illuminated controls that await your command. Ergonomically balanced to, anticipate your movements; the L200 becomes an extension of yourself.

The Joy Of Wide Open Spaces

Break out in style. Discover rolling landscapes, yawning valleys, tight mountain passes, crowded one-way streets, all in leg stretching comfort. The L200 Double Cab offers the most interior space in its class. The seating design and quality has been improved to ensure the driver and passengers a roomy, comfortable ride. In the rear, a generously sized center armrest folds out revealing a handy dual cup holder, The L200 has many additional practical features such as the flip-down sunglasses storage and door holder for one-liter bottles, meaning that whatever you might need on your journey, it's never further than an out-stretched arm.

Everything You Throw At It And In It

The true measure of a pickup's ability to handle work is its capacity to carry. Mitsubishi's L200 Single Cab not only excels at this but does so while delivering increased power, comfort and sleek new looks. On top of all this, the L200's powerful, muscular structure has been redesigned in dynamic style with class-leading low levels of drag meaning you're in for one smooth, quiet ride.

Room For More

Though it may boast a stylish exterior and sporty cabin, the L200 never forgets its true calling. Whether hard at work or getting away for a weekend of fun, you've got the space to pack everything you need.